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    Turn It Around CD

    "One of the top ten recordings of the year. Delivered with a beautiful ballad-mezzo, her melodies seem timeless and traditional, but the lyrics are urgently modern. She could be Canada's next big songwriter." -The Boston Globe

    "This is absolutely one of the finest, most well produced albums I've heard in recent times. Beautiful!" - Mark Hauser, Music Director, Vermont Public Radio

    "Her brilliant second album, Turn It Around", spills over with memorable songs, and is earning her international acclaim". - The Boston Globe

    "Expressive arrangements And stunning poetry mark this five-star album." - Victory Music Review

    "This is a gorgeous album whose every note is a triumph" - Top Ten Of The Year List, The Valley Advocate Hartford/Springfield MA.

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Eileen McGann -Turn it Around (1991)

Track List

Turn it Around (6:09)
  • "Equally compelling are McGann's own compositions, in which she tackles environmental and social issues. "Turn It Around" about a homeless man demonstrates her ability to combine meaningful lyrics and singable melodies" 

  • - The Georgia Straight, Vancouver
The Fair Flower of Northumberland (5:09) 
  • "McGann has an instinct for finding ancient ballads that tell compelling stories about strong and interesting women" 

  • - The Boston Globe
Requiem (for the Giants) (5:15)
  • Named as one of the top five Canadian songs of all time in a poll taken by the Vancouver Sun, 1995 
  • "With its pure-toned beginning, it evokes the quiet of the old forest, and by the end rages against its ruin" 

  • -Victory Music Review
Tiree Love Song (2:45)
  • "Such gems as Scotland's "Tiree Love Song" and Ireland's "The Parting", both delivered a capella in her pure, lilting mezzo-soprano, hang in the air like haunting echoes of an earlier era" 

  • - The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, May 1993
Leaving this Nation (5:52)
  • "Sung with loving insight for today's Irish immigrants" 

  • - Canadian River Music, Texas 
Westminster Bridge (5:24)
  • "her skewering of Tory economics"

  • - Sing Out!
  • "Compelling" 

  • - Dirty Linen
The Parting (1:43)
  • "Eileen's Celtic heritage is beautifully represented by "The Parting" and the "Tiree Love Song", both hauntingly sung a capella" 

  • - Canadian River Music, Texas 
The Dancers of Stanton Drew (2:41)
  • "Raises energy with its rousing tambourine, fiddle and syncopation." - Victory Music Review, Seattle WA. 
The Knight of the Rose (5:57)
  • "A fine sense of Celtic musical texturing that is superbly executed... These influences merge with McGann's distinctly Canadian style and her ability to tell a story. Give a listen to her take on the medieval legend "The Knight of the Rose" or "Requiem", her anthem to old-growth forests, and you'll know why I adore this release" 

  • - The Advocate, Hartford/Springfield
Whitewater (3:10)
  • "A song of inspiration and celebration, turning loose security to try for the dream" 

  • - Canadian River Music, Texas
Thyme (5:25)
  • "A gentle cautionary air for young women of today proves folk music's ongoing power" - The Georgia Straight, Vancouver 



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