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trilogy photoTwo Thousand Years of Christmas

The Show:

The voices of Eileen McGann, Cathy Miller and David K. came to sing together by accident. Originally from Ottawa, Cathy has sung with Toronto native Eileen on her albums since they first met at the Northwind Festival in Toronto in 1984. Cathy and David (then from Grande Prairie, Alberta) met at a tent-side informal jam session at the 1991 North Country Fair in Joussard, Alberta, where they discovered their similar approaches to songwriting and wrote their first song together -- about garbage! The first time Eileen met David, she asked him to sing with her at the Calgary Folk Festival, without knowing if he sang at all!

Since then, the three have become close friends personally and musically. Whenever their extensive touring schedules allow, they have set up situations where they could unite their voices in harmony. When that happens, the blend is rare and remarkable.

The three performers joined together in 1994 to present the show "Two Thousand Years of Christmas", a seasonal celebration of the history, spirit and traditions of our most joyous holiday. The show was received enthusiastically across the country from 1994 to 2001.

The success of the Christmas show has encouraged the three accomplished performers to expand their collaboration. And TRILOGY was born. In February of 1997 they were featured showcase artists at the 9th Annual Folk Alliance conference in Toronto, in the company of Quartette, UHF and Stephen Fearing, among many others.

The Players :

EILEEN McGANN : Eileen is one of Canada's foremost singer-songwriters, and has been dubbed "one of our most distinguished cultural exports". She has taken her music across Canada, the U.S., Great Britain and Ireland. She is also a brilliant interpreter of Celtic and traditional music, and has seven highly acclaimed CDs to her credit. Eileen's voice has been described variously as "magnificent", "stunning", and "hauntingly beautiful", and has often been featured on CBC radio programs, including "Morningside" and "Gabereau". Less known is the fact that she is an accomplished landscape painter, and holds four university degrees, including an M.A. in Mediaeval Studies, and a Masters in Drama from London, England.

DAVID K. : Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire, David has been a part of Canada's music scene for over twenty years, touring across North America and Great Britain. David creates a unique blend of country, folk and blues with his distinctive playing on guitar, mandolins, and all manner of slide and steel guitars. He has given many workshops on slide guitar and harmony singing. His own strong vocals and flawless harmonies as well as his instrumental versatility have brought him acclaim wherever he has played. David currently has one solo album released.

CATHY MILLER : As the owner of one of Canada's most spectacular singing voices, Cathy has done extensive work in theatre, children's music and on concert stages throughout Canada. Her interests include folk, blues and jazz singing, and she has been called a Renaissance woman for her list of accomplishments, both on and off the stage. These days, Cathy is known as the Queen of the Songwriting Sweatshop, and is often asked to write topical songs for CBC radio. An accomplished singing teacher and vocal coach(and an award-winning quilter), Cathy has seven recordings.

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